Background to my experience and psychotherapy training: 

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist I worked in the creative and colourful field of art and design. I enjoy painting and photography. This may be of interest to anyone entering an arts training. I was also a qualified aromatherapist.

I started my training at Westminster Pastoral Foundation, in London in 1990 and qualified as a psychodynamic counsellor in 1994. My training was extensive and rigorous. While at WPF/FPC, I undertook a training in Brief “Time Limited” Therapy.

While building my private practice, I became part of a team working one day a week at The Portland Road Practice in London’s Notting Hill Gate, W11. I was the Practice Counsellor where I had the privilege of seeing patients for “Time Limited” therapy in the NHS for ten years.  Invaluable experience.

During this time, I became a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with WPF/FPC.

In 1999 I began my Jungian training with The Association of Jungian Analysts. I qualified in 2006. As one of the best trainings in the country, I was then able to work two and three times weekly with patients, deepen my knowledge of working with dreams, the personal and collective unconscious, archetypes and the journey of the Self.

In 2005 I left the NHS and joined The Medical Practice in Wimpole Street, London, W1. I worked with Dr Nick Sawyer and Dr Sophia Khalique as their Psychotherapist, once weekly for seven years. Again, I was privileged to work with their patients in a “Time Limited” and “Long Term” frame.

I believe that before and during my career as a psychotherapist, my work in the NHS, Wimpole Street and Private Practice have all contributed to enhancing my understanding of life’s experiences.

In February 2013 I joined BPF, The British Psychotherapy Foundation and I am a member of BJAA section, The British Jungian Analytic Association. London.

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

Soren Kierkegard